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Four Handed Massage for Women

This is a unique and special experience and it’s all about you! Time for you, away from family, children, work or relationship pressures. You are likely to experience types of touch you never knew existed (let alone knew you could enjoy!) without the pressure to give anything back in return.

If you choose to be massaged by two women, you can let go of that pressure and know that you are accepted in your heart and body just as you are. In a culture that encourages competition and comparison between women, we offer an embodied experience that can begin to heal that wound. Imagine a space of non-judgment and unconditional love. You will find that here in abundance.

If you choose the man and woman combination with Peter and Harmony you are in safe hands. Both have years of massage and personal development experience, are trauma informed and bring the integrity of their long-term Tantric relationships with their respective partners to the table. This session offers the polarity of male and female energy.

We welcome women of all ages, body shapes and sizes, and relationship styles.

Know that you can keep your underwear on if you choose, and this massage does not include the yoni (vulva). We brush over the genitals if you consent to that, but do not massage this area.

Our intention is to welcome and include the whole body as sacred. Feeling safe is the number one thing that women report when they receive a massage from two women or a woman and a man.

Most women have had experiences where they have been touched in a way that didn’t feel good or that they didn’t ask for and may have been unable to speak to this at the time.

Here we check in and support you in receiving the type of touch you want, and where you want, without pressure or expectation.

Four Handed Massage for Women
Full body Massage

Many women love Four Handed Massage or Devotional Tantra Massage in combination with a package of online or in person coaching.

This package is tailored for you and opens the doorway to new and increased confidence in sensual and sexual pleasure in a clothes-on environment alongside the opportunity to explore this through bodywork in a sacred session. 

Click here to contact Harmony by email and find out more:

Co-creating Your Own Massage Experience

Working with an integrated approach of bodywork, energy work, breath, somatic experiencing, sound, words and eye contact can lead to a deeper intimacy with yourself, your body-mind and your heart, increase your vitality and deepen your connection to a sense of embodied presence.

The make-up of our team enables us to bring different qualities to the massage depending on your purpose or intention for the experience. You are welcome to discuss this choice with Harmony prior to making a booking.

The opportunity for a woman to receive massage from both a female and male practitioner together brings a unique blend of masculine and feminine energy and enables you to explore a range of experiences in a safely held space.

You are always at choice and we work carefully with consent and boundaries. Some women benefit from the opportunity to enjoy sensual touch from a man in a world where the safe space is also held by a woman.

Tantric Ritual

One of our intentions is to support you to have experiences you want, both on the massage table and in life. We deeply value when people tell us during a session about what they do or do not like and will encourage you to explore this.

Although our sessions are much about relaxation and letting go, we will encourage you to be as engaged as possible as this can bring full aliveness to your body. We may speak to you during the session, encouraging breath and guiding you to check in with your mind and your body sensations. We find that this can support a more integrated body-mind experience with long-lasting benefits that can assist way beyond the massage couch.


Sessions can be booked for 2 or 3 hours and this allows time for connecting, setting intentions and stating boundaries before the treatment and grounding and sharing afterwards.

Please feel free to express a preference for either a male and female practitioner or two female practitioners. The choice between these options brings a different dynamic and flavour to your massage experience and it can be useful to have a conversation about what you want from the massage before deciding.

We suggest that clients try one session and then we can discuss booking a series of sessions where there is an opportunity to deepen into the experience and process.

Sessions are currently held in a warm, comfortable and safe space near Totnes in Devon.

We also offer sessions at events and retreats.


The investment for a Four Handed Massage in a two-hour session is £320. [Please note when considering the pricing, that it is based on there being two experienced practitioners devoting their full attention to you for two hours, so comparing to 4 times the cost of a standard holistic massage.]

A three-hour session would be £420.

These times allow for introduction, discussing practicalities, setting intentions and clarifying boundaries. We also allow time for integration after the massage and space for sharing if desired. For a two-hour session you can expect at least 90 minutes receiving the massage itself, depending on your intention and what you bring to the session.

Concessionary & Taster Sessions

Each month we offer concessionary sessions at a discounted rate for those with lower disposable incomes. This would typically be one session available each month and if these circumstances apply to you, please feel free to contact Harmony and explore this opportunity.

Please only request this option if it is applicable to your circumstances as we want to make this available to those who would otherwise be unable to attend.

In addition, we occasionally arrange taster days which consist of a series of back-to-back, one-hour sessions. If this appeals to you as a way of exploring whether this style of massage will suit you, please contact Harmony to register your interest.

Booking and Cancellation

Please contact Harmony to arrange an initial consultation or to book your session – email:

We aim to get back to you within 48 hours of your email, or within 72 hours over a weekend.

Please note that we ask for a 50% deposit on booking with the balance to be paid on the day of the session. If a cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the start of the session, there is an option for a refund or to rebook.

If a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the session time, 25% of the full fee is charged, and within 24 hours 50% is charged.

If the session is cancelled on the day of the booking the full fee is payable. If you have a genuine emergency, please do let us know and let’s have a conversation.

See here for further information about Terms & Conditions, Privacy and Cancellation Policies.

Couples and Individual Sessions

Visit our ‘For Couples’ page to read about the various options for couples massage that we offer. Why not treat you and your partner to one of these four handed couples massage sessions and explore deeper levels of intimacy?

What better way to give yourselves the ultimate treat on holiday, on a date night or celebrating a special occasion. A beautiful way to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary in sensual pleasure and deep intimacy.

See here for individual Devotional Tantra Massage sessions or, if you are interested to learn and experience more about Tantra, read about Tantra Experience Days with Harmony as your guide. See our ‘Other Offerings’ page for information on all of these services.

Peacock Feathers

Slide 1

“It felt shamanic, sensual and so deeply held. Your holding of the space and the intention at the beginning dropped me into a deep space.”

Slide 2

“I found the breathing techniques that you offered at the beginning really useful to guide my experience…so I was engaged, and it felt interactive. I could either raise or calm my energy throughout, using my breath.”

Slide 3

“I loved that I was welcomed to express my needs, and these were received with gentle thank you’s and your immediate response. I also appreciated how often you seemed to be intuitively picking up on what was needed.”

Slide 4

“The variety of techniques you utilised was sensory bliss. It was utterly seamless, I couldn’t tell who was doing what or who was where. You really are tantric goddesses.”

Slide 5

“Although the massage wasn’t ‘sexual’ by traditional definition, I discovered new dimensions of my sexual energy within the context of this massage. Your ability, both of you, to hold polarities was evident all the way through. I felt I was surfing the ethereal whilst totally grounded in my body. Wow!”

Slide 6

“I have accessed a rawness, a vulnerability that I did not think was possible. I feel open.”

Slide 7

“Really touched by the beauty, power of feminine, gentleness with such love. A unique experience. What you are doing here is really special, with loving touch.”

Slide 8

“I feel so alive. It felt so amazing to feel my sexual energy, my adult, whilst feeling met in total love in my inner child and adolescent. The feeling of love was profound.”

Slide 9

“It is like you are one.”

Slide 10

“Like looking up into the eyes of two angels, being held by the Divine Feminine. The feeling of unconditional love was so complete, greater than anything in my previous experience.”

Slide 11

“Thank you for yesterday…and thank you so much for checking in. It’s been a while since I connected with the spirituality of all this.”

Slide 12

“I liked the checking in. I was able to really go deep and connect with a lot of stuff.”

Slide 13

“I felt safe…the two of you are wonderful caring women. Your grace, attention and love were evident and more than welcome.”

Slide 14

"Hi Harmony, just wanted to thank you again. I feel so calm and energised and strong today"

Slide 15

"I am not trying to butter you up, no-one gives me physical pleasure, emotional pleasure and human pleasure like you do. I have never had experiences like this before."

Peacock Feathers