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Multi-handed Massage Bliss


OMG…! How about a 6 or 8 handed massage with up to four experienced Tantric practitioners?

Possibly unique in the UK, this is a rare, special and fabulous opportunity to experience 90 minutes of dedication, love and bliss. Sound like heaven?!

This could be perfect as a gift or in celebration of a special occasion or event.

To discuss your requirements please contact Harmony by email at

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Individual Offerings from Harmony


Harmony runs her own practice offering a range of massage, coaching and Tantra services as listed below.

If you have a particular requirement that is not shown but you feel might fit within this realm, please feel free to contact Harmony for guidance by email at

Devotional Tantra Massage (all genders)


Pressures of work and life getting you down? Seeking time out for you?

This is a deeply relaxing massage combining Tantric ritual, eye gazing and breath with sensual, intimate and erotic touch to the whole body without set goals or expectations so you can drop into the present moment, relax and enjoy the expansion of energy within the body.

Sessions typically last between 2 and 3 hours with a minimum of 3 hours for a first session.

The investment for a Devotional Tantra Massage is £175 for a 2 hour session and £255 for a 3 hour session. A minimum of 3 hours is ideal for a first session.

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Tantric Ritual

Devotional Tantra Experience Days


Immerse yourself in the art of intimacy and devotion for a whole day. Take away both the embodied experience and the practices you will learn.

Dedicate a day to your own sensual and sexual learning, awakening and pleasure.

In the morning you will be guided in practices to use breath, sound, movement, imagination and presence to activate your sexual energy.

In the afternoon you will be initiated through ritual into Devotional Tantra Massage where you get to bring these alive states of being into the session.

Feel more open, alive, present and connected to your heart and your sexuality.

For people who want more, and to learn how to understand, honour and cultivate their sexual energy, while exploring how to take Tantra into their daily lives.

Sessions take place in Totnes which is a beautiful small town in South Devon where there are plenty of places to eat, drink and take time out during the lunch break.

For more information contact Harmony by email at

Massage Ritual
Massage Oiling Ritual

Online Sexuality and Embodiment Coaching


Are you feeling stuck, shutdown, confused or even bored in your sexual relationship with yourself…or with others?

Are you struggling with orgasm, ‘performance issues’ or intimacy in relating?

Do you want to explore more authentic states of pleasure and vitality but don’t know where to begin?

Start with a free phone call to explore your questions and then join me for an online coaching session or series of sessions.

To find out more contact Harmony by email at

Reclaiming Your Radiant Sexuality (for Women)


A free weekly online community circle sponsored by Embodiment Unlimited.

For more information see the Embodiment Circle website.

Alternatively, contact Harmony by email at

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“No other form of communication is as universally understood as touch. The compassionate touch of a hand or a reassuring hug can take away our fears, soothe our anxieties, and fill the emptiness of being lonely.” (Randi G Fine)