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Devotional Tantra Massage with Harmony


This two handed massage session is so much more than just massage. It combines Tantric Ritual with Tantric Massage techniques to create a greater depth of intimacy. It is typically more intimate and hence longer in duration than a Tantric Massage alone. A typical first session is 3hrs although for those with limited time and/or finances the possibility of a two-hour introductory session can be discussed.

Devotional Tantra Massage can feel deeply profound and give you opportunities that you may have not yet experienced in living or loving. These sessions are deep, heartfelt, loving, intimate and sometimes ecstatic with Harmony as your down to earth guide.

You will feel welcome whatever your level of experience.

Typically, Devotional Tantra Massage combines sensual massage, Tantric ritual, eye gazing and breath-work combined with sensual / intimate / erotic touch to the whole body.

You might feel a number or different states including but not limited to, deeply restful, enlivened or aroused. You might feel joyful, calm, excited or sad. All of you is welcome here.

We work without set goal or expectations so you can drop into the present moment.

I provide an honouring temple space dedicated to self-care, nurturance, pleasure and the welcome of sensual and sexual aliveness.

A place for embodiment, reconnecting with the infinite potential in your body and harnessing the glory and vital essence of your sensuality.

Massage Ritual

Worshipping the Body through the Senses


Devotional Tantra Massage is not a quick fix. Clients can encounter a beautiful experience that will impact their life. Those who come back to enjoy this exquisite Tantric experience a number of times acknowledge positive changes in their perspective on pleasure, masculinity, femininity and sexuality.

Surrender to the innate wisdom of your body, receiving your self through presence and deeply loving touch.

Devotional Tantra Massage is the worship of the body through the senses.

Often for a man this session is about learning to receive, and being initiated into the honouring that once was bestowed upon men in ancient ritual, but long forgotten.

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Tantric Ritual

Tantric Sacred Sexuality


Enter the realm of Tantric sacred sexuality and experience heartfelt honouring of your whole being through new and expanded possibilities.

Let go of all your concerns and any performance anxieties and fully focus on yourself and your experience.

In Devotional Tantra Massage we include your sensual sexual self as something to be celebrated as you release shame, activate your physical and energetic body and open to the potential of innocent love.

Devotional Tantra Massage can revolutionise the way you relate to your heart and body, and to your relationships.

Practicalities & Pricing


This session is not a happy ending service and is for those interested in personal growth. Touch is one-way and experiencing the session is not an alternative to addressing intimacy issues in any relationship that you are in.

This Tantric space is a sanctuary, quiet, private and set apart from the everyday world. Massage sessions are held near Totnes, South Devon, in a warm, cosy and safe space with free parking available.

The investment for a full Devotional Tantra Massage experience is £325 and this is a 3 hour session. A minimum of 3 hours is recommended as ideal for a first session.

For those who want a feel for the work but are unsure, or unable to commit the resources of time and/or money for a full 3 hour session, I can offer a 2 hour introductory or taster session at a cost of £225. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this as an option.

To enquire about availability please email:

For full details of my Devotional Tantra Massage Offerings please visit:

Booking and Cancellation


Please contact Harmony to arrange an initial consultation or to book your session – email:

We aim to get back to you within 48 hours of your email, or within 72 hours over a weekend.

Please note that we ask for a 50% deposit on booking with the balance to be paid on the day of the session. If a cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the start of the session, there is an option for a refund or to rebook.

If a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the session time, 25% of the full fee is charged, and within 24 hours 50% is charged.

If the session is cancelled on the day of the booking the full fee is payable. If you have a genuine emergency, please do let us know and let’s have a conversation.

See here for further information about Terms & Conditions, Privacy and Cancellation Policies.

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