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Harmony is a lover of nature, dance, and intimacy.

Through sensual massages, embodiment coaching and bodywork she invites and celebrates each person and their body to express everything from vitality to vulnerability in a deeply caring space.

She welcomes the deep and the surface, the shadow and the light, the serious and the playful, adapting to what is needed moment by moment.

Come as you are and let this journey travel you.


Harmony is passionate about Authenticity, Sexual Vitality, Intimacy, Tantra, Healing, Empowerment and Fully Embodied living. Through her own challenges, she has been exploring the topics of health, self-care, spirituality and personal development since her teens and offers a person-centred, trauma-informed practice.

She has been an ITEC level 3 Holistic Massage and Aromatherapist for more than 20 years and has been practicing and evolving her version of Tantra Massage and sacred sexuality for 5 years.

Harmony considers herself a lifelong learner, she has previously studied Sensual Mastery, Tantra and Tantric Sexuality, Tao Practices, Non-violent Communication, Voicework, The Wheel of Consent, Shamanic Dance, 5 Rhythms and Soul Motion Dance, Somatic Movement, and Meditation and Reiki.

Her teachers include Gayatri Beegan, Kalindi Jordan, Layla Martin, Betty Martin, Embodied Intimacy and Herb K.

Peacock Feathers

“I love working with men and with women, using presence, sacred touch, massage, compassion and loving attention, to both awaken the body and to rest deeply”


Facilitating individuals to empowerment through Massage, Somatic Coaching and Tantric practices, Harmony is also a Sensuality, Embodiment and Intimacy Coach offering online sessions for both men and women.

She proposed, developed and has held ‘Women’s Support Circles’ for the last 4 years at conscious sexuality gatherings alongside her partner who holds Men’s spaces.

Harmony runs her own busy Tantra Massage Practice in Devon and assisted for a number of years on weekend workshops and retreats with Tantra Massage Training in Bristol.

She has also offered free online sessions with ‘Embodiment Unlimited’ (previously The Embodiment Conference) for women. For more information visit the Embodiment Circle website.

Harmony is the Secretary at Movement for Life for mothers and carers, and assists on these dance classes and workshops on a regular basis. These take place in person and online. Harmony is a Director at the Totnes Dance Collective. To find out more, visit the Movement for Life Facebook page.


Currently training as a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Educator and Sex Coach, Harmony is curious about loving hearts, open minds and being IN THE BODY.

She loves to life model both in the UK and overseas having experienced anorexia and bulimia in her teens and 20’s. Harmony now loves, enjoys and celebrates her own body.

She is in a loving, conscious, intimate relationship with her partner and adores her two children.

She enjoys bountiful amounts of time in nature.

What she brings to this work are both her passion and dedication to fully embodied authentic living and her love of devotional practice.

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“Dear Harmony, that was simply beautiful. I am still on a high and peaceful plain which is bliss.

Thank you, you have a great gift, and I am indeed fortunate to have discovered you!”

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Peter has been practising massage in a range of different contexts and styles while also working as a professional coach in both the corporate world and with private clients for the last 20 years. He has worked extensively in the areas of well-being, personal resilience, stress management, phobia cure and release of trauma.

Peter runs a Lomi Lomi massage practice from a home-based dedicated massage space. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is founded on the principle of ‘Aloha’ which has a spiritual meaning of ‘loving kindness’ within the ancient Huna wisdom and Hawaiian tradition.


Peter and Harmony have known each other as friends and colleagues for some years and in offering the four handed massage they work seamlessly, with a high level of presence and deep heart connection, to bring a unique blend of feminine and masculine energy to the receiver’s experience.

Peter has a highly intuitive and caring style of massage, understanding the importance of discovering and supporting the receiver’s own ‘embodied’ intention for the massage, in order to create a deeply healing and enjoyable experience for each individual client.

He recognises the healing potential of opening to pleasure in the experience of sensual touch within a safely held, nurturing space.

Peter is experienced in the field of Tantra, Pelvic Heart Integration and conscious sexuality. As well as being qualified as a professional coach he is certified as both a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Tantra Massage Practitioner.

Peter and his long-term marriage partner have been journeying in Tantra together for over 20 years. He is a devoted father of their two sons and a lover of yoga, music, and movement. He has a passion for connecting with nature, particularly when walking around Dartmoor and the South Devon coast.

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Maite brings her natural passion for using the body as a vehicle to reconnect and reclaim our innate life force, joy and wellbeing.


After qualifying as a nurse in both general and psychiatric nursing, in her homeland of Spain, Maite began the challenging journey of healing through Bulimia-Anorexia, which led to a deep inquiry into meditation, yoga and therapy while training as a movement and drama-therapist in London. This eventually led to Maite becoming a Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance teacher as well as a massage therapist. 

She more recently has been on journey with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and the work of Jan Day covering the realms of sexuality, Tantra and spirituality.

She brings her own unique flavour and experience to four handed massage through her work in massage, yoga and meditation teaching, and her commitment to harnessing Shakti energy (life force).

Maite lives in Totnes, Devon and feels committed to the work of inner awakening and to living a conscious and compassionate life. 

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“When we touch a person, we touch their entire history, their deepest wounds, their secret identity, their healing powers and their most profound capacity for joy” (Caffyn Jesse)