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In a four handed massage, Harmony works with a second massage practitioner to provide a massage to the whole body, often using synchronized moves. A four handed massage can be like receiving two full body massages at the same time.

We treat the client’s body as a form of canvas onto which we choreograph intuitive slow, detailed moves and strokes of varying paces and pressures to create a varied sensual experience. This offers an opening to whole body pleasure and relaxation.

These sessions use a variety of styles and approaches, depending on the needs, desires, and intentions of the client in the moment, and the choice of who is working with Harmony.

One thing that is apparent in all the sessions is the amazing heart and energetic connection shared between the two practitioners. When working together, this field of love expands to hold our client and the space, offering a tangible sense of love.

There is a wonderful flow in the way we work together; connected with you in breath, love and an intuitively led symphony of stillness, movement, touch, sound, breath and sensory awakening.

We work with a phenomenal level of presence, heart connection, movement of energy, surrender, trust and what can only be described as a flowing dance of touch. This massage can balance the masculine and feminine energy in the body.

Full body Massage
Harmony in the Water

The client often arrives in our therapy room in a place of openness and profound vulnerability, with a range of unmet needs and desires, both expressed and unspoken.

It is a privilege to create a safe and loving ritual space to hold these. In the impeccable container that we create during a session, we aim to meld seamlessly with each other, to give the client a profound and often transcendent experience of what it feels to be loved, honoured and welcomed fully into the body.

When the practitioners and client are able to surrender the urge to control, and are able flow with one another, there is a kind of magic that happens which is beyond words.

Styles of Four Handed Massage

There are a number of different styles of four handed massage (also known as four hands massage) that we offer depending on who Harmony is working with and what you are seeking.

Each session begins with a short connecting in, intention setting, and expression of need. The massage is then intuitively tailored to meet the individual needs and intentions of each client.

We want it to be known that the massage is appropriate for all genders and sexual orientations. We understand that there are clients who do not identify as ‘Man’ or ‘Woman’, possibly identifying as non-binary or gender fluid. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Four Handed Massage

“When we touch a person, we touch their entire history, their deepest wounds, their secret

identity, their healing powers and their most profound capacity for joy”  (Caffyn Jesse)

The Four Handed Massage Session

Many massage treatments work with a routine. In this massage, the two practitioners work in a synchronised way, tuning into each other, intuitively responding to your needs as the client and creating a unique experience to meet what arises in the moment.

A four handed massage can be like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. It may feel akin to experiencing a very much longer treatment time, leading to deeper states of relaxation and surrender.

The mind can also give up its holding as it lets go of trying to follow all the hands. This can be a relief for those who find it challenging to stop a busy mind and it can facilitate different levels of consciousness.

During this full body massage the receiver is usually naked to enable continuous movement and a dance-like motion over the entire body. Blankets or sarongs are utilised to maintain modesty as required.

Four Handed Massage

Creating A Unique Experience for You

Adverse reactions to sustained levels of stress in modern life include areas of tension arising in the body which create ‘blocks’ to the free flow of energy. This has the effect of de-sensitising parts of the body and reducing the amount of pleasure that can be experienced from sensual or erotic touch. The busy activity of the mind also reduces our ability to drop easily into the full experience of the body.

The sensual diversity and tactile nature of this four handed massage, which includes a variety of different kinds of touch, for example using feathers, soft fabrics and fingertip stroking, has the effect of re-sensitising the body to gentle and loving touch.

Full Body Massage

We often utilise flowing, full body strokes to encourage a feeling of integration, wholeness and embodiment. The stretching, lengthening and releasing moves available to two therapists surpass what is possible in a regular massage.

The mind is unable to follow or predict all the range of sensations and the actions of the massage gradually ‘dissolve’ blocks to the flow of energy, creating a much deeper experience of pleasure and arousal.

There is a lasting impact of this experience in that it enables the body to adapt and relax more and more deeply over time, increasing the openness to pleasure.

Amongst our team we have more than 50 years collective experience of Bodywork, Energy work, Breathwork, Yoga, Tantra, Conscious dance, Meditation, Body-mind therapy, Trauma Release and Shadow Work.

Everyone Can Benefit from This Four Handed Massage

Four handed massage is for adults of all ages, body shapes and sexual orientations. We also recognise that there are clients who do not identify as man or woman, possibly identifying as transgender, non-binary or gender fluid.

We do not judge or discriminate; our massage is always specifically tailored for you and your own positive intentions as the client.

For price information please see Massage and Prices for Men or Massage and Prices for Women.

For further information you might also want to look at our FAQ page: ‘Who is Four Handed Massage for?’

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“It felt shamanic, sensual and so deeply held. Your holding of the space and the intention at the beginning dropped me into a deep space.”

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“I found the breathing techniques that you offered at the beginning really useful to guide my experience…so I was engaged, and it felt interactive. I could either raise or calm my energy throughout, using my breath.”

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“I loved that I was welcomed to express my needs, and these were received with gentle thank you’s and your immediate response. I also appreciated how often you seemed to be intuitively picking up on what was needed.”

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“The variety of techniques you utilised was sensory bliss. It was utterly seamless, I couldn’t tell who was doing what or who was where. You really are tantric goddesses.”

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“Although the massage wasn’t ‘sexual’ by traditional definition, I discovered new dimensions of my sexual energy within the context of this massage. Your ability, both of you, to hold polarities was evident all the way through. I felt I was surfing the ethereal whilst totally grounded in my body. Wow!”

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“I have accessed a rawness, a vulnerability that I did not think was possible. I feel open.”

Slide 7

“Really touched by the beauty, power of feminine, gentleness with such love. A unique experience. What you are doing here is really special, with loving touch.”

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“I feel so alive. It felt so amazing to feel my sexual energy, my adult, whilst feeling met in total love in my inner child and adolescent. The feeling of love was profound.”

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“It is like you are one.”

Slide 10

“Like looking up into the eyes of two angels, being held by the Divine Feminine. The feeling of unconditional love was so complete, greater than anything in my previous experience.”

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“Thank you for yesterday…and thank you so much for checking in. It’s been a while since I connected with the spirituality of all this.”

Slide 12

“I liked the checking in. I was able to really go deep and connect with a lot of stuff.”

Slide 13

“I felt safe…the two of you are wonderful caring women. Your grace, attention and love were evident and more than welcome.”

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"Hi Harmony, just wanted to thank you again. I feel so calm and energised and strong today"

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"I am not trying to butter you up, no-one gives me physical pleasure, emotional pleasure and human pleasure like you do. I have never had experiences like this before."

Peacock Feathers